Oh what a treat!

Alright, that title wasn't the best thing since sliced bread. Boo-bloody-hoo.

And now you probably think I'm in a bit of a foul mood. Quite the contrary, really; this has been a rather good day so far, and the evening looks promising for matters of a rather secret nature right now (i. e., it's a surprise).

So far: I nearly ran out of kitty treats. Even if I don't much care for them myself (mind you, I never tried them, but the smell alone rather makes me want to. Besides, they're made of malt and salmon, none of that nasty ground fish flour dog biscuits are made of... if you want to call those foul things biscuits), my cat loves them. She likes them so much she is willing to learn tricks for treats as a reward. I was, therefore, a bit aprehensive to find out they were sold out at the pet shop, and had to bring plain malt treats instead. Now, I knew Kunoichi (like you're pet's name is any better) loves salmon, and was a bit afraid she wouldn't care much for plain malt treats, but, as it turns out, she loves them just as much (or at least she's managed to spare my feelings much better than a human female would in that manner they all alledgedly try to spare a man's feelings... you know who you are).

Also today I got a delivery for some manga I had ordered from Amazon. Again, I don't much care for manga myself (mango, on the other hand, I rather like... if only I could have some and not spoil my diet), but my teenage cousin has succumbed to the current vampire craze.

A short (riiight...) parenthesis here: my long-time readers know I liked vampires before the current craze. They know I liked propper vampires before those abominations portraied by "Twilight" made vampires as a whole popular and should bloody well know I spurn "Twilight" and have done so even before I realised it was also almost a cool as vampires themselves in the current conjuncture.

That said, she's said to go ballistic over "Vampire Knight". So, with one fell swoop, my cousin is happy to have the first nine volumes of the thing, my aunt is happy she got to make her daughter happy and I got free vouchers out of the whole deal - oh, and some family members of mine are happy too, so, you know, sunflowes and rainbows, puppies and sunshine and butterflies and so forth (even my most recent readers should note that particular bit of cynicism is meant only for comical purposes, unless they're Twilight fans, in which case, allow me to point you in the general direction of a dictionary so you can look up "cynicism", "comical", "vampire" and "read").

On other news, I seem to have gathered yet another follower. I hope you enjoy your time.

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark is now typing on a blacked-out keyboard (well, silvered out, as I used aluminium tape), to prove or disprove claims by the manufacturers of Das Keyboard. So far, I have inly realised how hard it is to tell I apart from O.