Bright coloured lights

This isn't completely silly... even though it looks the part, at first. I remember some concepts of light and sound waves behaviour I had studied (briefly) in several Physics related subjects years ago. Only this makes it look pretty. In fact, I wish I had had this to demonstrate those phenomena, rather than those old rotten cardboard plates that never produced the desired effect in high school or that ugly, overly simplistic... thing I was shown in my freshman year in college. Still, I reckon I should be glad I had anything at all. Thus, my gift to you who may be struggling to learn this stuff for the first time. Mind your eyes, though, this will make your sight fuzzy for a while if you stare at it for too long.

Wavy waves of farewell.

Waves carry ArabianShark away... he'll be back by high tide.

Yay! Comments!

At last, I got a comment! I have a reason to blog on.

With respect to the contents of the comment: I have no fixation on Australia, although I understand why one would think that... Let me explain.

I've been called neurotic over this. The thing is, whenever I read, hear or see anything (and I mean naything at all), I usually read (and sometimes misread) too much (and more often than not, too little) into it. Double entendres abound with me. I may fail to see the obvious, but I'll be certain to find out some other undisclosed and often uninteded meaning to any message. On the upside, publicity never ceases to amuse me... except when I find myself making three trips to the mailbox because I can't carry all of it at once. Lately everything seems to boil down (no pun inteded) to Australia. It's the flavour of the month, I guess. Beats vanilla!

Right, then, now that's out of the way... I'll wrap up the post.

ArabianShark will be staying in Northern waters for a while. But you should, by all means, take a trip to the destination of your choice. I suggest Melbourne... er... in Derbyshire, not Victoria, that is!

How's your belly where the pig bit ya?

My Cedco (who doesn't pay me to advertise) Calendar, which, I must say, rocks, says today is Australia Day. So there it is, happy national day for all of my Australian readers... and good day (or should I say "g'day"? I think it should be used strictly as a greting, not the way I meant it... but what do I know?) to all my other readers as well.

Fully sick (and by no means do I mean ill in any manner) goodbyes.

ArabianNoah's Ark invites you to figure out the meaning of this line.

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How's my Strine? Don't call 1-800-something-or-another, Comment!

This space for rent

Linkage Time

Today I thought I could just dump some links I found noteworthy. First and foremost, I won't be posting links to any other blogs, neither on Blogger nor anywhere else, even though I've found many great ones which I check on a nearly daily basis. Right, then. On with it.

First and foremost, a bit of a quiz. I fancy myself a travelled type, yet I've never been south of the equator. This quiz claims to test your ability to understand the colorful idioms spoken in Australia. Not meaning to brag, I got 19 out of 20 on my first run through.

I'd like to know the opinion of my Aussie readers... if there are any.

Many of you may already have heard of Zlad!, A.K.A. Zladko Vladcik. For those who haven't, he's a fictional character created by the Australian producer and screenwriter Santo Cilauro. Zlad is the unnoficial mascot of Molvania. Here you can find lyrics, videoclips and recordings of his two would-be hits. i suppose you could check it out out of musical interest, but, if nothing else, it's a bit of a laugh. I should only warn you, one of them contains religious themes and may offend some. I hope it doesn't

Still on the laugh track, a very widely known site that should be new to very few, but I'll mention it anywhay, is This is a collection of hilarious quotes from several types of Internet Chat programs (i. e., mIRC, ICQ, AIM, MSN Messenger...). And, along the lines of that, out of the computer screen and into the streets of New York City, it's Overheard In New York. Same concept, pretty much, only not on the internet but in real life.

This one isn't funny, but I thought it was neat. Ever found yourself wondering what was some song you heard somewhere called sou you could look up the lyrics, but all you could remember was the rythm? Look no further. This is really helpful, especially if you know at least the interpreter. Mind you, it's a bit slow...

I'll just sign off now. I have a bit of a headache.

ArabianShark signing off... even though this isn't the Enterprise.

And now for something completely different

I thought I'd try a bit of math and philosophy, for a change. Right off the bat, I should tell you I'm no authority in neither... as you should have guessed by now, if you've been reading from a few days to this point.

What's the deal with Pi and Phi? For those who don't know Pi, it's the ratio between the perimeter and the diameter of a circumference and it's aproximately 3,14. Phi, if you haven't read the da Vinci code (such as myself), it's the ratio of growth of the golden spiral. It can be calculated as follows: Let A be the length of a given line. If B and C are lengths of lines as well and if B + C = A, Phi is the only number, say x, to which A / B = B / C = x. It's approximately 1,618. Now, the thing is, these are the archetypal examples of irrational numbers, i. e., numbers that cannot be expressed as the ratio of two integer numbers. Yes, I know, I just defined both as a ratio. You can make these ratios of integer numbers if you multply both the top and the bottom by a large enough power of 10 without changing the actual value of the ratio. I'm not too sure on the defenition of Phi, but Pi, the quintessetial irrational number, is, to the best of my knowledge, by defenition, a ratio. As I said, I'm no mathematician. Please shed some light on this matter, will you?

Fot the philosophy half of our post, I'll question the relevance of the first half with a single question. Do numbers exist or are they merely a convention stipulated and agreed on by an overwhelming majority of individuals? Aye or Nay, everyone. And now, to refute your answer with another question:

Aye (numbers do exist): Would you kindly define any given number? Take your pick. 1, 5, 2, 1000000, a 10^100, 6.23 x 10^23... Answers expected in comment form, if you please.

Nay (numbers don not exist): Then how is it that the vast majority of individuals from around the world came to count in the same fashion? How is it that we all share the comfortable same decimal basis? (I know, we have 10 fingers. We should have 16, though. First, it'd do wonders for my typing. Second, I hear a hexadecimal basis is much more stable and robust, mathematically speaking, whatever that means. Apparentely, having more factors in it is good.) Why is it that, in any given basis, all individuals agree in a given succession of symbols and values?

And for the third half, I bid you all goodbye. But first, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the cognescibility, which is hardly a word, yet should mean "posibility of becoming known", of infinity. Is it possible to grasp the concepts of an infinite ammount, and infinite length, or, the big bad boy, an infinite time (remember, this should be infinite both ways, as much into the past as into the future)?

It's not over yet! Four halves... Doble Post! Rejoice! Last, but not least, I'd like to introduce Gödel's paradox: Every sistem is either incomplete or inconsistent." To explain, if a system has a given premisse, say F, it would be incomplete if it lacked
not F (meaning the opposite of F), yet it would be inconsistent if it had not F, for they are mutually exclusive. If you'd like to accept self reference, i. e., the possibility of one refering to him/her/itself in the equation, "This sentence is false" is a good starting point. The trick is, people can figure that the sentence is false when it's true and its true when it's false, call it a paradox and move on. Computers, however, would likely, but certainly not always, either dwell on this until they crashed or try to track the sentece back to the very defenition of all terms and find... nought... and likely crash. So the question is, are people inconsistent or incomplete? I'd really like your answers, but please, no "women don't know what they want, thus they're inconsistent" tirades or such variations. It's been done, people.

ArabianShark has many questions... but no aswers. I'll go seek them now.

(whew, that's a big one)

Alea jacta est

Digital Electronics wasn't too bad. I just might get more than the usual (I wish) pass grade. We'll see. Roughly translated from my flatmates' native tongue, "the clay has been flung at the wall, lets hope it sticks".

Today I choose to aid my readers who are struggling to learn the elements. The link below was provided by User Friendly link of the day. You can either copy and paste from here or go to, read the strip and scroll down for the link. I recommend the latter.

Wishing you all a splendid weekend.

ArabianShark cruises away. I'm going away for the weekend.

Only a week left

Looks like the wacky choice of submitting the Numeric Methods exam wasn't that bad after all. I made the grade... barely. But, hey, it's done. Over with. Next...

Tomorrow will be Digital Electronics, round 2 and last chance before July. I'm pretty confident it'll be alright. I can only hope...

One week from today I'll be taking the last exam of the season. With no other exam between tomorrow and that, after the weekend I'll have a nice break to prepare. Lets try to go out with a bang... figuratively. Although a bomb scare would probably be a rather elegant solution to... what am I saying? I really need some sleep.

Here's hoping that you never connect a LED to an overwhelming tension source... unintentionally. If you do, perhaps you'd like to stand back.



I blew it in Computer Architecture today. It wasn't that the exam was a real pain (actually, it was) or that I hadn't studied, I just drew a blank. Actually, more of a fuzzy one. Whatever. It's for the birds.

Next up, in less than 48 hours, Digital Electronics, take 2. This time, I intend to be ready. None shall stop me... with a bit of luck.

Now, to deal with the issue at hand: dinner. I'm feeling a bit blue, so I'll have something to cheer me up. That means I'm going off my diet, but what the hell.

No fancy farewell today.



Agh! Computer Architecture is back with a vengeance. With less than 24 hours until the exam, my hopes are rising... slightly.

On a happier note, that Production Management thingy is off my hair... which, by the way, could do with a trimming. And this stubble of mine... I look like Dr. Zaius. On the other hand, maybe I should take the chance and grow a beard. I'll decide in February, when the pressure is off.

(Which, in binary, is a very witty remark... I think)

ArabianShark leaves you now to rejoice in that you can use eight additional symbols in your calculations. Lucky you!


No more breathing for me... figuratively, of course. It's been a pleasent two days rest... kind of an early weekend.

Last night something weired happened. I don't drink coffee, but I more than compensate in tea, especially in this time of the year and again in June. Yesterday I was so high on it I lost track of time altogether. I just sat down with my keyboard on my knees, merrily typing away my feature tale... And by the time I bothered to check the time, it was well past 5 o'clock in the morning. I really have to lay off the stuff.

Decaffeinated but higly theinated goodbyes

ArabianShark attempts to get some shut-eye... nope, eyes won't shut.

Taking a breather

The overall outlook could be brighter... I have turned in two out of five exams, managed to secure one passing grade and now have almost a whole week to prepare for my next exam.

I haven't found much time to write (therapy, not posts) lately. Just as well, I don't think I could write anything decent with the exams and whatnot. Assembly isn't such a great language... for fiction anyway. It does wonders for direct memory access, though.

Wishing that all of you find yourselves doing what you love and profiting from it


What was I thinking!?

I don't know what came over me. Having had studied for a single day for the exam I took today (Numeric Methods... More like Numeric Satans, from where I'm standing), I never thought of actually submitting it for evaluation. I thought I'd just go have a look at it and quit as soon as I could. Then it must have been some sort of high I felt, because all of a sudden I felt like I could do it, like, really do it. Before I knew it I had answered most of the test and when I came to my senses I was subitting it! Now I either made the grade or I can't even apply to retake it in two weeks. Agh!

As of a week ago I've been dieting. This means that I'm having dinner at a healthy food place instead of take-away from a known fast-food chain with golden arches for a logo which shall remain unnamed. I remember how I used do have heartburn when I first started to have fast food regularly, which never surprised me, with the fat and the salt and whatnot. Now it's all healthy fruit and salads... and heartburn. Go figure...

ArabianShark is out for a nibble. Leave your message after the beep.


In your face, Calculus

Rejoice (I know I will)! It is done! Never again shall I worry about it! Calculus III is no more! I made the grade with a whole 5% to spare. To all who passed, well done, chaps. To all who are still waiting for results, good luck. For all the mates who haven't made it just yet, here's hoping you will soon. Except for this one rather nasty character... oh, ok, even for the rather nasty character.

Networking Fundaments exam today was not a pretty sight. I've been doubting for half the semester now if I would be able to make it, and now more than ever I'm convinced I won't. Oh well. On the upside the manegement-like course went alright. I might scrape a pass grade after all.

Here's hoping your exams (or whatever trials you might be being put through) go at least as well as mine.

Mellow farewells form your oh-so-... whatever. You know. ArabianShark. Me!

About bloody time!

Finaly, an exam that didn't turn out to be a total cock up. The very first of the season. Hurray!

This could amount to something in the order of 13/20. That plus an absolutelly stellar haphazardly mess of cleverly disguised half-witted jumbled sentences to which I shal hereafter pomposly refer to as "a paper" should make the grade... hopefully... please?

Lately I've been reading those comics like mad. They began in the previous millenium, so they have quite the archive. You really should check them out, especially if you're the type that likes computers and/or enjoys sitting in front of on reading blogs and... oh, right.

I wonder if they ever made a plush Dust Puppy. That would sell nicely. Heck, I'd buy. I'd just love to have my very own "little guy" with those big cute eyeballs and the little feet and no other limbs perched atop my screen, looking blankly at me as if silently asking "Why do you keep on writing this blog of yours even though nobody has cared to comment... yet?".

On a second thought, my purple 84% polyester, 16% polyureethane and lots of tyne polyesterilyne foam beads stretchy soft smooshie cushion will do just fine.

Cuddly farewells to you all.

ArabianShark retreats now to the deeper, cooler, darker waters to rest.

Trivia: Did you know that there are parts of the ocean so deep that hot water sprouting from geiser-like underwater spires at temperatures in excess of 400 ºC is actually in liquid form?

What's with Aussie jokes?

Lately I've heard a ton of jokes about Australian people. What's that all about? Are the Australian a new stereotype, like, the new blonde? Most of the jokes I've heard aren't even original, they're just blonde or Essex Girls jokes with "aussie" instead. That and attempts to build on Sean William Scott's line from "The Dukes of Hazzard", "Oh, lets put another shrimp on the barbie!"

I used to think blonde jokes were funny. And jokes about the French. And lawyers. But "aussie jokes"... I don't know. They're just not my cup of tea. Maybe it's because most of them have already been made about blondes instead. Actually, all the blondes I've ever known are not one bit like the ones in jokes. Not shallow, stupid, and slutty like some evil anti-blonde conspiracy would have made you believe.

Anyway, is there an "aussie" stereotype? I've only met one aussie so far, and I'd have believed she was British.

Oi, crazy world. Don't let it get ya.

ArabianShark bids thee farewell... for now.

Will the real production manager please stand up...

... 'cause I'm no good at doing his job.

Monday I'll be having an exam on a management course I have to take. It focusses mainly on production management, though it does cover transport routes management and human resources management, even if only lightly. It's not a difficult course, but it's just so bleeding boring.

I have my hopes up for this one. Not only is it about a far less complicated subject than the last two but also I'm allowed to have an A4 sheet with whatever on it to consult. I really don't expect the sheet is going to make much of a difference. Last time I was allowed to take consulting material to a test was to a Calculus paper. There was no restriction on the amount of material you could take an I took only a page of it with a couple of formulas I thought I might forget. Turned out I never needed it and still scored 80%+ in it, which isn't too shaby, given my relationship with calculus. On the other hand, my last calculus test (results pending) came with a whole sheet of formulas for examinees to consult, and it didn't go so good. I think it is the moral boost of knowing that nothing can go wrong for as long as I have my allowed "cheat sheet" with me that works.

Take care, everybody. ArabianShark logging out.

Ah, sod it!

Digital Electronics today was for the birds. Much like one of James Cameron's most famous characters, I'll be back... for another crack at it in a couple of weeks. This sets me in a right glum for the rest of the day.

There you go, a link to a personality test that tells you weather you're predominantely masculine, feminine or, like me, androginous.

EDIT: Sod the links. HTML doesn't like me. Copy paste power.

Well, there you have it. This would explain a couple of things, such as why I am able to talk to girls, befriend them and entertain them, but not date them. They just want to be friends with me. Go figure, a hunk of a guy like me...

I feel terrible that I'm just sulking around because of one lousy exam which I'll be able to retake soon and if I don't do well enough then I can probably take another wack at it in a few months. I really admire people with a hell of a lot more sorrow in their lives who refuse to just sink in an armchair and feel sorry for themselves. Really, those people are an inspiration. I'm just going to grab myself a Big Mac or something, gaze upon a gorgeous McDonnalds cashier (who, IMO, bears a stunning resemblance to a fellow blogger) and write this gloom off. That's it, write therapy. Whatever or whoever wrongs me usually gets killed or otherwise destroyed in a most horrific manner in some two-bit story I cook up tongue-in-cheek, refering to myself as a heroic/tragic heroic alter ego who hardly ever bears any real resemblance to myself, but that's ok, because I know that character represents yours truly and that's all that really counts. Tonight, the Lord of the Transistors and his spawn will have taken their last breath when a lvl 50 chaotic Human wizard draws upon the ancient elemental power of lightning to overload their 3 Volt diodes with 5 Volts worth of thunderblot. That will make a nice addition to the tale of the Lord of the Forms who, along with his army of Ork-like Paper Pushers Pencilnecks, was slain in a most bloody manner when a crash of etheral rhinos (with material hoofs, mind you), summoned by a Night Elf druid trampled over them.

Tomorrow I'll feel better about this matter. Until then, may you never cross the very infamous lvl 350 Human wizard Atharm, Mistress of Nortecle... lest you be annoyed to death.

P.S.: Actually, Athram has been taken care of.

XINARNA! (Zy - narr - nah)

Is it time for another post yet? You bet!

Assumption: All acronyms, although not necessarily self-explaining, are self-defining.
Question: Are Recursive Negative acronyms (such as GNU and WINE) actual acronyms, even though they aren't self defining?

What about XINARNA (Xinara Is Not A Recursive Negative Acronym)?

Question 2: Why do I even care?
Answer: Because posting takes my mind off Digital Electronics and other such nonsense which I desperately need to get through this thick skull of mine in time for the ever-closer exams.

This was fun. I have to do it again sometime soon.

The Grand Opening

Hi there!

I wonder how one comes across a random blog such as this... Unless you've been told about it. You, however, just found one: mine! Hope you find it in your heart to laugh at the (mildly) funny posts and kindly ignore the enraged ventings (or the other way around, if you'd like it).

That's that for today. If you're not bored out of your skull yet or if you can find it in your heart to give the bloke another chance come back tomorrow.