We hardly knew ye

As some of you might know, I collect mechanical watches. Seldom will you see me with a quarts watch, except on summertime, when I'm likely to break out a Casio G Shock, because you don't want to bring a fine leather bracelet or a polished steel casing to a sandy beach. About a weak ago my father called me, offering me a deal.

It seems he had acquired a watch for himself, a new technology gimmick flagship from Jeager-LeCoultre, the Master Control watch with ceramic ball bearings. You see, ceramic ball bearings offer lower levels of friction and wear and tear, potentially decreasing the need for maintnance and lubrication while increasing accuracy and power reserve capacity. The thing is the days of 42 milimeter wide casings are well over and done with, and major watchmakers lean more and more towards larger sizes, such as 47 milimeters, whilst bullet makers stand adamantly in 9 milimeters. Such wide casings (for watches, I mean) don't go so well with my father's quite narrow wrists (nor do bullet casings or bullets, for that matter...), so he offered to trade... with me.

Quite the chance, I'd say, for me to introduce a new brand to my personal collection. Furthermore, I can't say no to dear daddy. But what to offrer in exchange? Omega, who made the no-longer-absolute majority of my watches, provided quite the solution, with their DeVille Co-Axial Chronometer Small Seconds model. I used to have two, of them: a terribly elegant one with black dial and black aligator leather bracelet and a near exact double, but with a white dial which clashes with most of my shirts, so I didn't wear it so often. So off it went to a better home...

This picture isn't of the actual watch, as you can see by the not-so-small seconds. It would seem that the actual small seconds model has been discontinued. All the better for whoever owns one of them, as their market value is sure to skyrocket. But I feel I struck quite the bargain...

... for, as you can see, this baby is nowhere behind the Omega fine watch in any aspect, be it technology (although it's a different technology), elegant simplicity or beauty. And it fits my wrist much better. Sure, it's not black dialed, but neither is it so white, so the clash won't be quite as violent. It's pretty...
Why does the mere mention of the word "Odeon" send shivers down my spine?
But this little wonder would turn out ont to be all the tick I'd get for my tack.

Dad would like me to have yet another watch, fresh off the Longines drawing board and a steal, he said, given the time and effort put into constructing such a watch, seeing as it comes with a chronographe and a complete calendar (and, as he forgot the recipt inside the walnut box, I agree). Enter the new Master Collection, the second Longines watch I own.
In Soviet Russia, watch wear YOU!!
And since we're on a bit of an image spree, I'd like to call back to the news of Glen Larson making a Knight Rider Movie. As it seems, Mr. Larson isn't the only one interested on a slice of the pie a talking car might bring in, and so Universal Studios, which once helped to make the original Knight Rider series (and then proceded to anihilate the whole franchise with such subpar works as Knight Rider 2000 and Team Knight Rider) wants in on this. For this effect, they plan to release a new series and a two hour TV movie. It seems they are legally allowed to make as much Knight Rider material as they please, for as long as it is only televised, as opposed to a theatrical movie, to which only Mr. Larson is entitled. A friend of his asked me for my help by bearing this seal as a token of my support. Ergo...

... just so you know where I stand.

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark will be returning to his usual hustle and bustle of classes tomorrow, with a brand new Algorithms course to begin with. New corse, same old teacher who finally explained phi bach when I started this blog. Psyched!!!


How many books have you ever seen on the shelves on the topic? How many tomes of wisdom promised fast weight loss, until the media drew the public's attention to the hazzards of such practices? How many books have you since seen promising long lasting results?

Well, I'm not about to unveil the great grand secret to swift, safe and permanent weight loss, but let's talk diets for a while...

Up until the Great Tragedy of 2006 (well, so what if I want to embellish the puny disgraces of my life? I like a little flair...) - that's my hernia, if you remember - I was quite lean, for myself and my long histoy of moderate obesity. Last summer I had undertaken a self constructed course of strict boiled white meat and regular exercise - which was, at some point, somewhat disheveled by a severe cold - to great effect. Then, unable to make the long-ish hike my dieting meant to prevent me from gaining it all back, I gained it all back. After my surgery, it was even worse. Then, this summer, I had planned to return to my strict diet and exercise plan, but, alas, my back wasn't healed enough. I couldn't exercise. And, without the seretonin from the exercise, I couldn't keep my spirits high enough to stick to my diet (hell, I couldn't even sleep right) and fell back into temptation. I managed minimal weight loss. Then summer vacationing ended and I tried another regime, one with a different, less strict diet of balanced meals of grilled meat or fish, vegetables and carbs, along with a 3 mile hike every other night. I managed to gain weight with that. Then, about two weeks ago, I went back to college to study up (to no avail). During that time, I found myself lazily ordering pizza up to three night per week, snacking on pastry and resorting to stress foods ever so often. I eevn found my new poison: creamed camambert cheese on crackers. Now that I came back home (let's see for how long...), I expected a major weight gain. So today, just after breakfast, I stepped on the scale. I hadn't put on a single pound! For my metric readers, that's about 450 grams. For my L.A. readers, I mean fat; grams aren't always heroin or cocaine. For my Australian readers, g'day, mate(s). So explain that to me?

At any rate, I worry. My back has been giving me no end of trouble, and I think I've spotted some troublesome aches on my right sciatic nerve branch. Don't you dare say a prayer for me, but do cross your fingers. Please?

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark will return to dieting soon enough. And this time, with a vengeance.