Daylight saving time

Why are people afraid of running out of daylight? You know, the sun will (most likely) rise tomorrow too; there's no need of saving today's daylight when there's plenty of daylight for the picking tomorrow. Besides, where are you storing the daylight you are meant to be saving with the hour of sleep they took from me a week ago last Sunday?

Really, I don't get it. Right, so it might have been useful in the past, when they were still trying to invent a better lightbulb, but really, I find myself in brighter environments at night than during the day (well, not really. Except in the Winter). With this crazy Summer Hour, I find myself going for dinner barely at sunset. It messes with my internal clock (my most geeky readers will be glad to know that my other internal clock remains with equal up and down times and at the precise same frequency). It's weird. It's unnatural. There is no longer a "night meal", only an "early evening meal", and that's hardly dinner at all. Lunch is a drag for me, dinner was good. Now, dinner is no more. I take pleasure in food no more. Hey, that's going to help my weight loss program, eh? I guess some good may come from the whole daylight saving time after all.

Still I wonder how vampires are coping. It's still the first few days of Daylight Saving, I wonder if any of them are turning in their graves, going "Man, oh, man, I could so go for a neck right now, but I just can't go out yet." Or do you think they migrate like swallows? Going South?

Bright and Light farewells to you all, mortal and otherwise.

ArabianShark is now going for a bite. Not to the neck, though.


obnibolongo said...

Oh well, here I am after you found me at the street despite my unsucessful attempts to turn into a bat and fly away so you wouldn't see me converting to the imperialist MC, aka MacDonalds. Yah I'm back after 3 comments on my own blog where the words the words conspired to form Diddly, Dodly, Doodly, Okily dokily (R) results. Strange day for posting...
Either way, I must say that as wannabe vampire, sunlight is cute, so having a lot of sunlight is good for you. Unless you don't wear sun block, in that case any vampire (and human) risks turning to dust. Either underground, in the grave, or instantaneously, depending on the race.

As I was saying, I trust in both humanity's stupidity and geniality. If someone invented Daylight Saving Thingy, it must serve a purpose.
Even if it is only to confuse my poor 'ntpdate', which for some unknown reason would set up the hour to the old one, despite the server was reporting the right time.

Oh well, I'm on Windows now (winmodem) so who cares?

Farewell and see you on another post.
Or this one if you reply.

obnibolongo said...

Disregard that double "the words". :P