Poll II: the Results

Thank you all who voted in last time's poll. Unfortunately, not even all of you were sufficient to make a good statistical sample. Thus, I'm forced to resort to other means to discover the answer to my question.

The question at hand is not one befitting the answer "42", but simply "Which one is the cooler car." I feel this is to petty a matter to figure in the universal source of all knowledge (Wikipedia), and certainly not worth disturbing the Powers (Usenet Oracle). But, in the end, coolness (is that a word?) is merely a popularity contest. That can be solved easily.

Here is the winner. So, at the date this is being written, Vanquish got... Vanquished.

Tune in tomorrow for some more movie-related raving. Farewell.

ArabianShark is at a loss for a witty last remark. One could argue it has always been so, but one would be kind not to... or get some vital organ bitten off.


obnibolongo said...

You really ought to attract more people...

Don't you want to merge SharkNibbles and disco-bar? 'cause disco-bar is dead so I could use more writers... The bigger ammount of writers, the bigger ammount of readers ;)

ArabianShark said...

I oughto to, alright... I guess I'll spread some flyers arouns.
Actually, I have more readers than commenters (lurkers)... about two of them... I hope.