At long last, the last piece is set. All is in it's place, and about time, too.

Nearly a month after moving in, today I got my long desired Queen sized bed. That's right - livin' large, sleepin' large and maybe even watchin' DVDs large, because, you know, in a bedsit, there's only so many places you can fit a bed and a screen, and neither would go well in the loo or the kitchen. So there, a busy Friday, with all the delivering, the assembling, the removing of both old small beds and the thorough cleaning of the house (that was overdue, really, but I knew the delivery and assembly would be messy, so I just kept waiting), but it was worth it. I just wished I could have left less of the tasks above for others (all I really did was clean up after them), but it's going to be six more weeks until I'm allowed to make efforts, courtesy of my not missed at all hernia - good riddance to that!

And now to enjoy my just-the-way-I-want-it flat - I even gave myself a purple and pink lava lamp, it goes nicely with my plasma lamp.

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark now qualifies as a bachelor, seeing as he now has his very own bachelor pad. That's right, ladies, he's single and available. Come get him! One at a time, please.


obnibolongo said...

I always found lava lamps cute, but never really had the trouble to have one :P

ArabianShark said...

Why, they're no trouble at all. The hunt for themselves, clean after themselves and come potty trained from factory.