Eleanor Rigby

... is a song by 1960's famous Fab 4, The Beatles. Sad, although beautiful, and accompanied by a most fabulous combination of only violins and cellos. Oh, and look, it's time for a blog entry.

I can't help to wonder why is it that the day our Republic was born is marked by a day off to just about everyone. What does this imply? That our Republic is borne of sloth and mediocrity? That the archetypal attitude of our regime is inaction? Or is it something a little more intricate, such as "Republic says: Up yours, citizen!"? How so? read on... I have you hooked now... or have I?

So I need a new pair of trousers. The one I had since before the summer finally became worn off to the point of tearing (and it's always the same spot...), and I think it's safe to assume that we all agree that I should wear trousers. Think of the implications of the contrary... So I figure, there's a store I use to go to get them, I'll use my free time on Friday (go figure, I couldn't possibly assign any classes to Fridays this semester...). It's a bit far away, meaning not even in the same city where I live, but I was going to go up north for the weekend anyway, it's just a small detour from my originally intended route. Before I call it in for the weekend, however, I should go to the launderette to drop off my dirty laundry for the weekend, go to the copy shop to get some papers copied and go to the courthouse to drop off said copies (appearentely I'm something along the lines of an "accidental intervenient" in something I could hardly care any less about; it doesn't concern me at all, yet I must draw from my personal time and resources to help the powers that be. My tax money at work. I pay so that some institution can send crude letters to my home demanding that I work for them for free and at my own expense. Thanks, lads). Only when I found myself before a very closed launderette did I realise it was an institutional holiday. Meaning "Sorry, old chum, so much for the best laid plans of mice and men. And yours, too."

So what are the implications of this? Well, right off the bat, I still need trousers, and I had to make do with some hedious rag I had bought I-forget-how-many-months ago just to make do with (rather figures, doesn't it?), which I can't wait to get out and rid of. But that will have to wait until no sooner than Wednesday (when, go figure, I couldn't manage to squeeze a single class either). Same goes for just about everything else, meaning I'll run out of clean clothes, meaning yet another otherwise unnecessary expense. Make no mistake, I have nothing against unnecessary expense; I buy stuff I don't need, as we all do, and it doesn't bother me for as long as I get some enjoiment out of my purchase, a little tick for my tack, but it absolutely revolts me to be forced or as much as coherced into buying when I really don't want to. Which brings me to...

My shirt. It's fabric (cotton, I think. Doesn't look or feel like polyester), it's got little buttons and a collar. Nothing remarkable about it. I need another shirt, because they come clean from the store (right?). So I set about to buy one. Now, I'm not too picky about shirts, I only have two rules: it mustn't be outrageously designed (think something along the likes of a big scrape or a taer or gash across the back or one long sleeve and a short one or flaring sleeve cuffs... you get the picture) and it must be black. So where does this leave me? What stores carry non-outrageous, black shirts? Plenty, really, nothing too remarkable about that. It does make me wonder exacly what message or inkling lurks behind the fact that no store has a menswear section at least as large as a womenswear section (one store in particular had male manequins and male clothes on the window, yet carried only ladies clothes. Go figure...). So what am I going to complain about? Fitting!

OK, so I'm fat. I'll be blunt about it, I am fat. I was quite lean last December, but my hernia and all the implications there of made me gain a lot of weight. Now I do understand that it might be far more fun and far easier to design clothes for very tall and slim models, such as Tricia Helfer than the likes of me, but here's a little nibble of fact for all clothes designers out there: Fat people need clothes too! I tried on what felt like a dozen different shirts until I found one that fit in some five different stores, under blazing hot halogen lamps in cramped little dressing rooms to hardly any avail. So here's a hint t designers, the next time you're enjoying your fine Coq au Vin or Vol au Vent or whatnot-UHN, ficture some fat bloke sitting across the table from you, stark naked, with rolling flabs of fat stacking on his sides like puncured tyres and man-boobs bigger than the firm supple breast of any female model you've ever worked with. Ficture the sweaty grime collecting in the furrows of their chins (If they're going to walk agout naked, i's bound to happen), and the lint gathering in their navel. then after you choke to near asphixiation and make a mess with fine spilt red wine on the otherwise immaculate white tablecloth of whatever gourmet diner you were, make me a suitable shirt, you pompous buffoon!

I'm sorry, I'm just still a bit angry about this...

Requiem aeternum dona eis et lux perpetua luceat eis

I mean

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark thought that last entry was worth at least a single ton comment... I guess mechanical watchmaking isn't as popular as I thought it to be. But the poll just got an extension.

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