The Gun Seller

Let's have a show of hands, shall we? How many of you know of actor Hugh Laurie's novel "The Gun Seller"? OK, and how many know the story that led to it being written? That few, eh? Then let's review, shall we?

According to James Hugh Callum Laurie, OBE (isn't he?) himself, on "Inside the Actor Studio" with James Lipton, at some time in his life he meant to keep a diary. Shortly after, he became bored with his own diary, and began to make up events to make it more appealing, even if only to himself.

I might thake a page out of Laurie's book. Not "The Gun Seller", of course, but making up some first person fiction here on the blog. When I started in early 2006, i had envisioned some random rambling, not unlike what it came to be, but I expected it all to be far less dull. So perhaps I might begin posting some purely (or not-so-purely) fictinal entries, to liven things up. Don't worry, I'll be sure to let you know when I'm telling an outright fib for the sake of entertainment. Or will I?

So, starting soon, stay tuned for... you know, I haven't thought of neither a title nor a theme to the fiction that might ensue. Stay tuned for that as well. Have a say in it.

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

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Sintra said...

A Gun for Sale is a book by Graham Greene.
And it's a much better title.
Steal it.