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So today, on Shark Nibbles, "The Year In Review", 2007 edition.

2007 started in utter agony, as, likely for the penultime time, I found myself greeting the new year standing on dearly sore feet, crushed amidst a mass of complete strangers for really no better reason than to appease dear ol' mom. At the stroke of midnight, were I not a soulless heathen, I'd let out a prayer that 2007 would see the end of the excruciating pain from my yet-to-be-diagnosed hernia, as well as the distrophy on my left leg it induced. I relly hoped it would be, however. And it did, but not before a whole one-and-a-half months of excruciating pain, which meant the January exam season was pretty much shot to hell (not that it needed that much help, after the hellish "pick in early october" system they had devised). Then, come second semester, between surgery and post-op, I missed on what I considered to be the most important of classes in the new subjects. With that and my unparalell skill to procrastinate, second semester was an all-round cock-up.

March would see me move to my first ever all-mine flat. After a rocky first weeks, just about everything turned out just peachy.

Come Summer 2007, after I had completely fallen out of shape, which I had acquired with much dedication and self-sacrifice, from the long inactivity following my hernia and recovery from surgery, I found myself still not sufficientely healed to re-take on my calistenics routine. On the other hand, my brief experience with contact lenses and cool, curvy shades goes on the "good things" plate of the scales. Nevertheless, even though my vacation, cut short though it turned out to be, was pretty awesome, with most of every afternoon and even night outtings with my best mate, I left with a sense of unfulfilment I cannot explain. Perhaps I should have gone out more. Or less. I don't know.

First semester in 2007/2008 started up smoothly enough, with some ugly business in one course turning out mitigated well enough (though my faith in certain sorts of people has been irreparably struck), some other ugly business in another course only came up as a realisation of my not-unexpected fears and yet a third mishap took me completely by surprise, and I have only myself to blame for it. But, hey, comes with the territory. On the plus side, a colleague of mine who I barely knew and I became far closer, and I couldn't be happier about it.

Late 2007 saw me grappling with Chrismas Season Anxiety for the first time (and all the wrong reasons). Then London (London!) and some untimely epiphanies, not the least of which, in the final moments of 2007, that I was (for the last time, let me assure you) ready to welcome the new year standing on extremely sore feet in the middle of a sea of the flesh of complete strangers for no more benefit than I could have by watching BBC One, except for the joys of fooling a rude spainyard (redundant?) into believing I can't speak a wod of English after his nth attempt to shove me out of my hard earned spot.

All in all, 2007 sucked. It's pointless to wonder if I'd erase all its memory and its events from history if given the power because it's plainly not going to happen. Let's just take the good with the bad and be done with it.

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark will now return to getting settlet to welcome in the weekend, after an exhausting week of procrastination and dealing with it's consequences. Oh, like you've never done it!

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