Trying hard not to laugh

First, the setup:

You can click this piece of text to be taken to another webpage!

Yes, I know, I can embed YouTube videos but I won't embed this.

Now, I could, of course, quote any number of actual scientific rebutals for this, or even argue something of my own, such as "Why, then, would Catholicism have us believe that God created the Earth in seven days about six thousand years ago?", this gets most of them every time, but, again, I won't.

I'll just draw your attention to the description to the left (click "More Info"). Now does that sound like someone is desperate or what? What's more, all of that verborhea can be found in comments, marked as spam. Interestingly enough, only one outdated, praising comment remains, whereas comments are now disabled (one can only imagine how many were deleted and guess what they said), as are ratings. And defending God with the word "logic" is about as coherent as offering hamburgers to promote vegetarianism, as is proving God by limited science knowledge and dubious assumptions, such as the use of the word "before" in a context where time itself is non-existant or that whatever smidgeons of order that can be found in the Universe have always been so and have been set so from the get-go by some intilligence.

If you can believe it, I worked my way into this by watching related videos, stemming from this. So, as you can see, I've had my share of laughter for the day... Oh, but is it ever enough?

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark has found a much more interesting way to drop weight than sweating my buttocks off at the gym: laughing my buttocks off. My gut might follow suit.

1 comment:

Pedro Francisco said...

LOL ya for God's sake if I want to believe in God I don't need a stupid video.

On the other hand, if I don't believe it won't be that video that makes me believe in it.

Anyway, it's life.