Nerd Meat

There's something terrifyingly awkward about that title... What could it be?

Ah, yes!

Nerd Meet

Much better. Well, somewhat better, a gathering of nerds would hardly be thought of as the best thing since sliced bread anywhere, realy.

Incredably Sensual Topless Sweedish Bikini Models Meet

Dream on... No, back to Nerd Meet, the fourth installment of the National Informatics Students Rally. It's on now! I skipped on it some years ago, because I wasn't really in the mood to travel, but this year it's being held on my own doorstep. I had no reason to decline.

Actually, I was rather hoping to spend some days at my hometown this weekend, after a particularly unpleasent Wednesday, but never mind that...

So today, a conference was held, with cmputer interface guru Alan Dix, and I'm all too pleased to report I attended it. I got to meet this genious, whom I had known only from his work, and he did not disappoint me. He even went as far as to give me the thumbs up for remembering my Avogadro number and invited the local media to snap a picture of me (for no ill intend, I can only hope) when I could translate "provenance" into the local native language. My fiftenn minutes of fame... were actually in Dominican Republic, in the Easter of 1999, but you get the drift. At any rate, I got to meet Dix!

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark is most displeased with the Secretary to the Minister of Science and Technology's response to his enquiry at the end of his lecture on The State of the Art today, at the event's inauguration cerimony. I guess politicians will never change...

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Claymore said...


This encounter has completely satisfied me, i really liked it!

Btw, nice British accent!

And about politicians, yep, they will never change... it's up to us to change them.