Don't feel like dancing

A great big thanks to our first guests of this edition of Shark Nibbles, Scissor Sisters.

On an entirely unrelated topic, I wonder if I could say that I enjoy dancing as much as The Next Bloke. So, I say, I'll just ask him. How about it?

Sounds about right, ol' bean!

Always a pleasure to have you with us here, The.


What are you been up to, these days?

Same old, same old. Triviality and banality keep me busy alright.

I see. So, pray tell, The, how do you like a spitrity ride?

Why, I like it well enough. It's not something I'd go any great lengths for, but I'll enjoy one every now and again.

Very well. How about dancing?

Well, you see, Shark, the thing is, these days, dancing has become, I'm dare say, more of a staple of the elites and less of the common man's indulgence. As so, I, as a representative of the widest stratus of what would only claim to be an unstrsatified society, haven't done much dancing, really. Unless you call that spastic flailing and endless, mindless head bobbing you'd find at any regular loud, smoke-filled, barely lit watering hole at rather unhealthy hours dancing, that is.

But do you like it?

I'm afraid I don't, really.

Thank you very much for your insight, The.

Thanks for having me, mate.

And that concludes our second guest's participation for this edition. Mr. Bloke leaves us today with the knowledge that he does not, in fact, enjoy dancing. I, however, beg to differ. Having found a group that, twice a month, gathers for traditional and folk dancing, I must say I rather like it. It's fun, it's a reat way to meet people, and it seems like a fair workout, as in less than two hours I managed to sweat the most I had ever sweated since my trip to Karnak (except for any trip to the gym, that is).

As a bit of trivia, this was also the first situation that I remember ever being in which the gender ratio was unbalanced that way. Draw your conclusions.

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark would like to invite all of his readers to join him on his next dancing trip. Contact for more info.

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