Ah, sod it!

Digital Electronics today was for the birds. Much like one of James Cameron's most famous characters, I'll be back... for another crack at it in a couple of weeks. This sets me in a right glum for the rest of the day.


There you go, a link to a personality test that tells you weather you're predominantely masculine, feminine or, like me, androginous.

EDIT: Sod the links. HTML doesn't like me. Copy paste power.

Well, there you have it. This would explain a couple of things, such as why I am able to talk to girls, befriend them and entertain them, but not date them. They just want to be friends with me. Go figure, a hunk of a guy like me...

I feel terrible that I'm just sulking around because of one lousy exam which I'll be able to retake soon and if I don't do well enough then I can probably take another wack at it in a few months. I really admire people with a hell of a lot more sorrow in their lives who refuse to just sink in an armchair and feel sorry for themselves. Really, those people are an inspiration. I'm just going to grab myself a Big Mac or something, gaze upon a gorgeous McDonnalds cashier (who, IMO, bears a stunning resemblance to a fellow blogger) and write this gloom off. That's it, write therapy. Whatever or whoever wrongs me usually gets killed or otherwise destroyed in a most horrific manner in some two-bit story I cook up tongue-in-cheek, refering to myself as a heroic/tragic heroic alter ego who hardly ever bears any real resemblance to myself, but that's ok, because I know that character represents yours truly and that's all that really counts. Tonight, the Lord of the Transistors and his spawn will have taken their last breath when a lvl 50 chaotic Human wizard draws upon the ancient elemental power of lightning to overload their 3 Volt diodes with 5 Volts worth of thunderblot. That will make a nice addition to the tale of the Lord of the Forms who, along with his army of Ork-like Paper Pushers Pencilnecks, was slain in a most bloody manner when a crash of etheral rhinos (with material hoofs, mind you), summoned by a Night Elf druid trampled over them.

Tomorrow I'll feel better about this matter. Until then, may you never cross the very infamous lvl 350 Human wizard Atharm, Mistress of Nortecle... lest you be annoyed to death.

P.S.: Actually, Athram has been taken care of.

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