Will the real production manager please stand up...

... 'cause I'm no good at doing his job.

Monday I'll be having an exam on a management course I have to take. It focusses mainly on production management, though it does cover transport routes management and human resources management, even if only lightly. It's not a difficult course, but it's just so bleeding boring.

I have my hopes up for this one. Not only is it about a far less complicated subject than the last two but also I'm allowed to have an A4 sheet with whatever on it to consult. I really don't expect the sheet is going to make much of a difference. Last time I was allowed to take consulting material to a test was to a Calculus paper. There was no restriction on the amount of material you could take an I took only a page of it with a couple of formulas I thought I might forget. Turned out I never needed it and still scored 80%+ in it, which isn't too shaby, given my relationship with calculus. On the other hand, my last calculus test (results pending) came with a whole sheet of formulas for examinees to consult, and it didn't go so good. I think it is the moral boost of knowing that nothing can go wrong for as long as I have my allowed "cheat sheet" with me that works.

Take care, everybody. ArabianShark logging out.

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