Cleansing Flames

February, at last. From the Latin word "februare", meaning to burn, this is the time we no longer glance at our past while gazing into the future, but shed and burn all the wrong done unto ourselves (and by ourselves, lets not forget...). 2005 had some good times, which we should only hope to remember always, and some bad times, of which we should all let go now. In four weeks time we should have reburked it all and be truly ready to live out the rest of our lives... ideally. Of course, there's always someone who thought that God-awful embariasing moment we'd rather forget altogeather was the funniest thing since Monty Python (don't like Monty Python? Really!? Well, then... Jerry Sinefeld? Still no? Figure it out yourself then!) and won't ever let us forget. Or, on the serious track again, some scar of wounds never truly closed. Still, this is the time to take heart and believe all will be better from now on. Happy thoughts!

Mellow farewells.

ArabianShark wonders how in blazes he's going to light up a fire to burn his bad memories in underwater. Any thoughts?

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