Ladies night

Today is interantional woman's day.

How do you make a blog entry about that? I gues I'll be taking the French kid way out of this.

What is the French kid way out, you ask? It is nothing like the spoon, I promise. It is rather more fun.

A French kid was once to write an essay for school on the subject "the cow". If my memory serves me right, his essay rougly translates into something like this:

"The bird I'm supposed to write about is the owl. By night it can't see and by day it's blind as a bat. I don't know much about the owl, so I'll continue about another animal I'll chose, the cow."

From then on, it's a bundle of laughs as odd approaches to the subject ensue, such as "the cow has six sides: top, bottom, front, back, left and right", "the head is for the horns to come out and because it's mouth had to be somewhere" and "it's legs reach the ground", up until the final lines, "the cow has a very keen sense of smell, and that's why you can smell it from far away."

So there, I had my owl, I found my cow and I applied the French kid way out of swampy grounds. Time for goodbye.

ArabianShark will rest on the bottom for a while, now. Only few species of sharks can actually rest and pump water over their gills without moving, most others must swim constantly so they don't asphixiate. Next time you think you're tired, think again!

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