I'm still not a comedian...

... so if you've com here in search for a laugh, you should know better. It would appear, however, that you don't. I could try to be funny; that would make sure you'd never come here for a laugh ever again. Or I could send you on your way to something funnier. And since I'm such a big nice softie (that could change. Keep on your toes), I'll just do it. I'll give you only one word... well, ok, make that two words... I'm too kind:

Comedy, Inc.

What can I say, it presses my buttons. I could come to like Aussie comedy as much as I like British humour. Or maybe that's just the best (as far as I'm concerned) example os Aussie comedy. Or perhaps I just caught one of the best episodes. Or it could be that Aussie comedy really is that good.

If you're unfamiliar with the show, there's nothing to be ashamed about it; I was once in your shoes, not that long ago, really. I can lend a hand. If you are, however, familiar with it, skip the paragraph. And thus, let the healing begin. Comedy, Inc. is made of short (and I mean short, for the most part) sketches, not unlike "Smack the Pony" or "Big Train" (as opposed to "Black Adder" or "'Allo, 'Allo", which tell a long story by comparison), but, unlike, say, "The Office", the said sketches aren't bound to a single theme, although recuring themes abound, especially with shorter sketches. Also unlike "Saturday Night Live" (how does that rate in the funny scale? Mild? Moderate? Doesn't really work for me...), there are no musical guests, no musical interludes every two sketches (or at all) and no monologue bits, at least not in the Jay Leno or Conan O'Brien sense of the word "monologue". Also no lengthy opening credits to make you wonder why don't they call the show "Sunday Dawn (barely a-) Live".

It just presses my buttons. As a rule of thumb, whatever mocks the Spice Girls is alright. Having a go at Las Ketchup is really just icing, but who doesn't like icing? Or maybe it's the general australian accent that makes everyting sound so great (doesn't it?).

Comedy, Inc., Stingers and House, M.D. (Jesse Spencer is in it. It counts as Australian Television. It does! No? Well, ok, but it's still alright) really make me want to flog myself to the bone for missing Neighbours all those years ago, when I had the chance to watch it. Really, I could just punch myself, if only I knew how to do it propperly (that's me, do it right or not at all... except when it matters). On the other hand, I just recently discovered I can put my hands in a reversal praying stance with minimal effort. Think of the implications! This could come so handy if only I weren't an atheist...

Until we meet again.

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark really should have remembered that parting sentence for his previous update. Try to make a double entendre out of that.


Sintra said...

Is this Comedy Inc. that good?
I've only seen some publicity to it on Sic Com├ędia...

Don't flog yourself over Neighbours... it wasn't really any good. Quite boring in my opinion.

Punching yourself isn't really that hard. Check "Fight Club".
People just have a hard time throwing a decent punch. The first times it will hurt your hand much more than it will hurt your object of destruction.

Hmm... I need to get my boxing bag somewhere... I feel like throwing a couple of punches.

ArabianShark said...

Neighbours is on the air in Oz since '85. Can't be all bad.

Sintra said...

Well... that depends. I believe that if you really have nothing left to do, then maybe it's ok.
Living down under for close to 7 years, I think I have a right to say it's boring.
It's boring.
Boring in like, soon enough you'll be yawning and sleeping.
That kind of boredom.

Actually, it might not be that boring. It just didn't appeal to me. Nothing.
In certain shows I show this faint wannabe smile. In others I'll chuckle.
On this one... :-|