TV can have very odd efects on you, if you stare at it for long enough.

Just yesterday I thought it was yestersay, thus today, yet, sa I watched the very same shows I had wathcehs the day before, i.e, yesteday, I came to realise it was the day before yeaterday, that is, yesterday, since yesterday is actually today and today can only be tomorrow, when I'll undoubtedly write this post. Making sense? No? It's OK, it's no supposed to.

Still, what is it with re-runs? Fox channel has re-runs boiled down to a science. I know there's a pattern somewhere in there, and I just know I'll crack it as soon as I can be bothered to see a programming guide. Until then, I have other things in my mind. Things like Networking Fundaments II.

Meanwhile, there's no reason why you shouldn't have a bit of fun and games. How about 10 different puzzles? The rules are simple and half of the puzzle is figuring them out. Go on, give it a try.

Until I find another wacky reason to write a weired paragraph.

Senseless, but by no means nonsense farewells.

ArabianShark is swimming in circles. Whales often do that as a menas of rounding up prey in a cylinder of air bubbles, yet sharks have no means of producing such an effect. Why on earth and sea is lil' shark over there going about round and round beats the crap out of me, but there he goes again.

Round and round and round and round and...


obnibolongo said...

Quanto ao puzzle estou demasiado ocupado a tentar ocupar-me com bison, mas quanto à FOX, tens de considerar fins-de-semana e dias de semana separadamente.
Posteriormente verificarás que de manha dá o que deu no dia anterior à tarde.

A partir das 19h não sei pois o padrão mudou recentemente, mas creio que dias de semana à noite deverão ser consideradas também independentemente de tudo o resto. ;)

Sintra said...

Apparently, obni mistook english for portuguese.
I'd like to point out the fact that they are indeed two very different languages.
While one descends mostly from a german form, the other clearly comes from latin.

Most astonishing is knowing obni likes to speak in a respectable englishman kind of english (being the other form he knows a very bad russian english).
I demand a long and decent article in the utmost perfect english.

Btw, AXN > Fox. AXN has stargate.
Enough said.

obnibolongo said...

LOL it's the FH ([a-zA-Z]* habit)...

'nuff said.

Anyway I shall translate for all ladies and gentlemen whose base belongs to Google.

Note: too lazy for portugese->english translation, I prefer to rewrite as translating directly from portuguese to english has never brought any decent shine to anyone's work.

Bah f*** the decent english.

*puzzle=NULL ;


Bah too lazy...