Some like it hot...

... and, sure enough, some don't. Me, I like hot weather as much as The "Next" Bloke, who just so happens to be a guest on this blog today. How do you do, Mr. Bloke?

The, please.

Right, then. Tell, us, The, how was it that you came across that nickname, "Next"?

Well, now, it all started back when I was about twelve and I started going to the movies by myself. I remember being in line to the tickets and even though I would be first in line sometimes, nothing felt quite as nice as being "next" in line. You know, I'd just see whoever was in front of me get their turn and think, "Woohoo, I'm next"! When my mates found out how much I liked that special feeling, they began calling me "Next"."

And so you're known as The "Next" Bloke today.


Now, then, what we'd all like to know is how much do you like warm weather, The?

Not one bit, Shark, old chap, not one bit.

Thank you, then, The. I hope we'll be seing plenty more of you around here.

My pleasure.

That was The "Next" Bloke on Shark Nibbles, and he doesn't like warm weather. And so, as previously stated, neither do I and, for the issue, neither does my laptop charger, who, just last night, overheated twice and scared the lights out of me when I thought it had sent its soul to its maker. Turns out ten minutes in the freezer (in a plastic bag, mind you) did the trick... for another half hour.

So, my advice on how to deal with the heat, keep to the shade, drink plenty of fluids (cold, preferably) and put an ice pack on that laptop charger. If you don't have any, you can fashion one by soaking a rag, wrapping it in a plastic bag and putting it in the freezer. Works fine, if you don't mind sitching the makeshift ice pck every twenty minutes or so. This little trick did wonders for me last night.
You didn't think I'd wrap up without a secret message, did you?
Sizzling hot farewells.

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark is dealing with the heat in his own way, i. e., dreaming of cooler places. Syberia sounds just right...


obnibolongo said...

In Soviet Russia, you could get a free ticket to Syberia saying "Stalin sucks" a few times in front of the right (wrong?) people.

Anyway, amazingly confusing that interview of yours. It did remember me of Monty Python, which is strange since I've yet to see a full Monty Python movie. I guess the text did remember me of all the fuss in the "Mr. Something has followed the first rule about hiding: not showing himself."

Or maybe it's just my brain which requires a freezer as well as your laptop charger...

Sintra said...

In Soviet Russia, minerals require more you.

ArabianShark said...

Oh, goodie! Lets casually drop "ore" into the whole thread and reminesce about a rather old RTS from a very well known series of such games which opposed "Allies" and "Soviets" and we'll have a geek run.
But seriusly, that was nea, back then. In fact, it still is. At least I know I got the whole vindy, now EA re-released it in one nice full bundle.