Today's post was going to be a mellow one, about how things are turning out nicely this semester and how I've managed to nearly finish September without losing momentum. Well, that was this morning. Much (not really) has changed since then.

I still haven't lost momentum, that much is true. Onwards. Raving time.

Prolog - It's supposed to stand for Programming with (first order) Logic. Well, it doesn't seem all that logical to me that a variable can be instanciated, but not changed. It's a bloody variable! What part of "variable" don't you understand? It's supposed to change! That's why it's not called a bloody constant. That was half a seemester lost, a little over a year ago. LISP might have been more useful, or at least it's said to be useful when developing Artificial Inteligence, which is the course that stuck me with the hell-spawn (actually, France-spawn... coincidence? Stay tuneed for more on that sometime) interpreted language. I can't help to feel like I'd be better off with good ol' C.

Movies - "World Trade Center" has premiered over here, but when has anyone ever heard of such a thing as a screening of "Loose Change"? In case you don't know, "Loose Change" is a film about 9/11, suggesting (and corroborating it's implications with testimony and evidence) that the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon was not commited by Middle Eastern Terrorists. It's featured on Google video, just look it up and prepare for a very large download, but an interesting documentary. The warning at the end says the FBI (or some other law enforcing branch of the USA) has orders to arrest anyone carrying that film on DVD, so unless you live somewhere where there is no censorship, neither the blatant nor the hypocrit type, perhaps you shouldn't record it to a CD or a DVD. I'd say it should still be alright to download it and view it, but the laws of the Land of the Free baffle me: you can purchase ammunition for your 9mm handgun at most supermarkets, provided they have a license to sell hunting supplies, and don't ask who'd go hunting geese with a Glock 9mm, but you can't carry around a documentary on DVD. I'm not even sure you can be reading this blog without risking an FBI or CIA or TLA agent showing up at your door to protect your freedom. My advice: ... Oh, come on, you didn't come here looking for advice. At any rate, my point is that even movie studios are willing to show you a documentary on any given topic, but hardly willing (if willing at all) to show youa documentary about the very same topic from another point of view. Farenheit 911? With all due respect to Mr. Michael Moore, it doesn't even come close, even though it does cover several other areas. Come to think of it, I'll just sign my death sentence with the Bush Administration and say it: watch both. My point is (was?), even movies have become a vehicle for propaganda, and no, it hasnn't always been so. We can discuss this later.

Vampires - I can't write... I just can't. For the life of me, I can't. I have all this great imagery in my head, all these vivid details, all this great (I like it, and that suffices) story in my head, but for the life of me I can't put it in words. It's getting me down. Which makes me unable to write, which gets me down and so on and so forth. And don't give me non of that "sazonal depression" crap just because we're past the...

Equinox - At last, it's Autumn. No more "early evening meal", my favourite meal is back: dinner! Now, if we could only dial down the sun and the heat a little... Can we? Please? And can we make up our minds about the "water falling from above" thing? Get some rain down here, already. The foggy morning preceding the bright sunny day thin gets old really fast, now make the grass grow so cows can eat it and grow dreat juicy tender sirloin stakes so we can have... dinner! Did I mention dinner is back?

Management - It's a known fact that students love and hate courses based on who lectures them, so can we make up our minds about how is the Management Course for this season going to be? Will it be Monday-clear-and-concise, kind-management-department-teacher style or Thursday-obscure-football-metaphore-o-rama, aggressive-and-insecure-management-department-teacher style? Either way is fine, though I need not tell which one I'd prefer; I'll give my best anyhow, I just might (or not) enjoy it. Which brings me to...

Thursday-obscure-football-metaphore-o-rama, aggressive-and-insecure-management-department-teacher style - All my life, up until comming to college, I had been ostracised for not liking, not following and not having the slightest interest of some sport where 20 or so men run after a ball for nearly two hours, struggling to get some sort of unfair advantage without letting some manner of triumvirate of judges find out. I even got told off for not recognising the description of some so-called world-renowed football players. That Scottish redhead idiot... Thought I was tryng to be funny? Pulling a prank? How do you think that made me feel? I had enough ostracising without your help, thank you very much. And now, 10 years after that incident, after four blissfully football related ostracising free years, Mr. No-self-confidence-compensated-by-uncalled-aggressivity (I really must dedicate an entry to this topic...) decides it's a good idea to bring back the old recurring nightmare. Have you any idea of the self loathing the likes of you out me through because of my inability to like your silly little game until I realised there was nothing wrong with me, bastard? So put a worn, smelly, sweatty football sock in it already! Go root for your team and get forked! A play on words... how unusual of me.
Now, if you have your calendar handy, you'll notice this is being written on a Wednesday late night. See what I'm looking at in a few hours? So don't give me no "Sazonal depression" crap. I've every right to be upset. Furthermore, Have you ever had the feeling that everyone/thing is out to get you? It has been one of those days. On the other hand, I just know I'll feel better (much better indeed) in 90 days, and Christams will have little to do with it. Or rather, it might have something to do with it, but I just know I'll feel better regardless. 90 days, then... Might as well be 90 years from where I'm looking at it. "Patience, Grasshopper, patience."

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

Arabianshark would like to reassure his readers (both of them) that "vale", although discordant in number with "vobiscum", is well employed, as the form "valete" is not used with the same meaning. Now don't tell me that isn't a load off your chest...


Sintra said...

Well it couldn't be a load of my chest because mr ignorant (yours truly) hasn't had the most simple idea ever... and that is to check out what that usual last latin phrase you write means.

I quote thee: "onwards"
Now this is ranting. This is ranting that will compensate for a couple of months I suppose (but hopefully not).
As for programming we both now have SO (I think I've seen you at some theoretical classes) and it seems quite a load, even though I do rather enjoy C.

As for World Trade Center... I haven't seen any movie about it and I completely ignore information about it. What I do know is that a few guys (they call them terrorists) decided it would be fun to through a couple of planes at a few buildings. Poor kids, they didn't realise that in real life people actually die unlike in movies and games.
Alas, where is the proper education?

As for vampires, I'm still waiting for a couple of vixen broads to come and get me...

As for football, I only started paying any attention to it when I arrived at Mozambique with my 9 or 10 years of age.
Even now being an adept of Benfica, I couldn't really give a rat's ass about what's happening to them now.
When they eliminated Manchester or when they won the national championship, sure, I was happy, but is was that one day.
To be honest, I haven't seen much of them this year and would rather see a good match. Something like Barcelona and Chelsea.

Besides, this week we're playing CS, a game I really enjoy! :D

ArabianShark said...

See, now, what you think you know about WTC and 9/11 just might not be accurate, but the American TLA people are probably on to this blog by now, so I'll leave it at that.

Vixen broads... funny you should say that. No further spoilers at this point.

What's a "Benfica"? Is it a beverage?

Let's meet for CS and rematch in KOTOR II.

Oh, wait, there's no multiplayer in KOTOR II...

Sintra said...

I'll rematch you at UT.

ArabianShark said...

Perhaps not... But I'll have that rematch on MTG anyday.

Casual rules, that is, i. e., any format vs. any format and fre-for-all proxies.

Sintra said...

Dude, if a rematch is to be played, I guess it'll have to be on common ground.
Alas, we have none.

Start playing starcraft, you can be good at it. :D