You haven't seen the last of me yet...

... but, damn, has it been some time since we last spoke. OK, since I last spoke... to you... to all of you... at once... oh, you get my point. Onwards.

So much could be told I thought of leaking it in several small(ish) posts over the next few days, but I really don't have the patience for it. Many posts on one day? I like my oversized rantings like my online video streams: continuous and seamless. So put your seating pants on and brace yourselves.

First blood has been drawn. The semester begun at last. Or already. I suppose it deppends on how your vacation was. I was pretty much looking forward to it, and so far, I haven't lost momentum. This could be the prelude of a good semester, despite that nasty currcular revision business and new evaluaion rules. Stay tuned.

Is a rounded V a U? I don't think so. An O? Not likely. A D? How about a DD? No, we're not talking about bra cup sizes (yet). By now you should know this sort of nutty rambling precedes some reference to "V for Vendetta", which is now (Oh, shock!) avaliable in DVD. Sure, I'm late to tell, but I got my hands on mine one day before the official release date. Chalk it up to incompetence, overzealousness or plain need for less-than-dinkum edge on the retailer's part. the malicious in me leans towards the first choice.

I'm not a hardcore gamer, but I like some gaming now and then... some polygonal escape from the drab and dull everyday hustle and bustle and a little pixelated parade of pleasures pertaining not to the pale paradigm of... you know what, I really can't alliterate, for the life of me, I can't. However, I still found this interesting and amusing. And I happen to agree with most of it too.

My vampires, who been on hiatus since early June might be comming back for the Triology soon. I know I'm looking forward to it. In other news, I just met someone today whose browser configuration bypassed the template for this page, showing my secret messages. Yes, I mean you. Or do I?
Pax vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark is glad to be back to all of those little things that make life neat. The courses, the blogs, the would-be witty lines...


obnibolongo said...

Welcome back :)

ArabianShark said...

Oops... Blasted touchpad!!!!


Good to be back :)

From Family Guy's rendition of Charles Manson, "It's new to me if I haven't seen ot before." Furthermore, if you want news, google them, don't come here for them. I's stuck in the eightie's. It's a small miracle I acknowledge the existence of whatever might seem old.

What secret messages?

I'll rant some more next time, rest assured.