Windows Experience

Hello there!

Thinking about a Windows XP related entry, are we? Well, then, we're plain wrong! Today's entry will be about something far deeper. Far more unfathomable. Far more... senseless. Senseless is good, right? Onwards.
Let's try not to fall into error 1337 agian, shall we?
Staring through a window, the whole world looks and feels so unlike it does through empty air, doesn't it? Much like a movie pales in comparison with reality, so does a window often show a bland and drab world. And yet, what ineffable sensation is it one gets from a window? What magic property does the plain sheet of glass endow? It it transparence? Or is it... invisibility!
Ninja!!! ... OK, let's not do that again.
This magically wondeful effect hardly ever works on a ground floor window. But part of the magic of it is that... it does work, on occasion.

Staring through a window, a small window, likely a dirty one, smudged with dirt and dust, high atop on a third floor, looking down at people on the street, going about their lives... it all can seem so surreal at times. Partially because you can't (usually) listen to them, partially because you can see a larger picture than when you're among them... it feels quite different. But most importantly, you know, or at least feel like they can't see you, that they're unnaware that you're there... looking at them... watching them... And so, while it should hardly strike you as surprising that a window, when looked through from the outside should become quite the voyeuristic object, isn't it strange that it should become just as voyeuristic an object when looked out of? But most strikingly, isn't it funny how invisible one can feel when just looking out a window?

Have no clue what the hell I'm talking about? Just look out any old window and wave at someone. And then at someone else. And then wave at some more people. Then count how many waves back you got.

Can you feel it now?

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark would like to take this opportunity to discourage most other sharks to do any such thing. If, by any chance, there's a window a shark can look out of, most likely the people on the other side are indeed able and most willing to see it.


obnibolongo said...

Error number e^1337: I've commented *properly* your previous post ;) Twice if you count improper comments :P

While looking through a window on a non ground floor, you're an observer.
Much like the Protoss' one, an invisible one, as you pointed out.

Personally, I find it a depressing experience. You usually see stupidiously (apparently this word does not exist, but you get my idea) happy people which can have a not so good effect on someone who is already feeling low (which is the true usually when you look out of a window; otherwise why wouldn't you be busy with something else?).

The best time of the day to be staring through a window is at night; during the day you'll be distracted by people passing by, instead of being alone thinking about whatever needs to be thought about.

Sintra said...

Hmm... I enjoy peering through the windows of the office of my hometown house.
The windows are pretty clean, but there's this anti-insect net right after it.
You look directly at a big garden, and just right now, it's very green, and the weather is cloudy but sunny.
It looks just like spring, and the effect of the window with net gives it a sort of unreal feeling.
And then I remember that winter is coming soon along with exams and a lot of work.
My experience has just be ruined... and not by the fact that I have exams and work, but by the fact that I do not know if all this is really worth it. I hate doing things without a clear and definite objective and that is all that my life has been about. Of course I can see Mr. Obni wanting to discuss this issue, but that can be left for another day.
So you see, yours truly avoids watching what happens on the other side, because I dwelve in to thoughts that do nothing to help me.

And now, I must slit my wrists.
See ya later.

ArabianShark said...

Careful, now... Slitting objects... you can put someone's eye out withthose thighs, you know!