Daylight saving time, part II

I'm sure you remember an entry of days gone by, known only as Daylight Saving Time. Onwards.
Error 1336: Error 1337 Imminent.
My Internal Clock (which, the geekiest among my readers might like to know, is a binary blue led one, not unlike those avaliable at Think Geek) feels much better now. And nothing quite like a 49 hours weekend to celebrate. Now, I really can't help but wonder: Where is all the saved daylight stored? Can everyone help themselves to some? Is it for sale? I suppose it would dramatically reduce my electricity bill if I could just crack open a bottle of 2006 saved daylight instead of flicking on the light switch every night. And whenever some small object rolls under a bed or a couch, who wouldn't like to be able to just unscrew a little hip flask of saved daylight rather than feeling with your fingertips around the dirty floor or finding that the batteries in your torch are dead as can be and you've been trying to get yourself to buy some since forever?

On the not-so-bright side, I have a question for my esteemed readers (both of them): At 1:40 A.M. this sunday, would you have said it was twenty to two or twenty to one? On one hand, forty minutes past one makes it twenty to two, but in twenty minutes it would be one again. See the issue?

Trick or treat? Both, I say, both! Trick me, what a treat wouldn't that be! A little fright for jollies, come, come! Halloween is nigh, and I'll be busy... not trick or treating, but reaping the early benefiths of the impending holliday, so I might as well make my point now. All Hallows Eve, or so it was believed by Saxon druids, was the day when witches and their likes walked the earth, and so one would be wise to look like one of them, so they'd find one akin to them and spare them any harm (or so I've been told). Saxon druids no longer abound, not even in good old UK, but the tradition lives on, as even today in one of their former colonies which shall not be named, little children come out on the streets dressed as ghouls and other fantasy archetypes more or less related to the old superstition to knock on doors and extort candy with the threat of tricks. I judge them no, lest they judge me, and, really, any chance for the little angels (or fiends, if it suits the occasion better) to get their hands on a little treat should ge promtly grasped... by the dentist, at the very least. A few thousand kilometers across the Ocean (and I mean over here, should you need that I spell it out), it hasn't been long since that tradition became popular as well. Sure, kids aren't carying carved pumpkins around and they don't even do it propperly, they just knock on your door all dressed up in whatever most wierd rags they can find and plastered with ridiculous amounts of ghastly make up and drably say "It's like, you know, it's Halloween and so..." and they can be dissuaded with as little as "... so?". What saddens me (very slightly only, mind you) is that we used to have our own similar tradition, although entirely unrelated to any such belief as the wenches of Satan roaming amongst common folk, and the theme phrase which takes the place of "Trick or treat" roughly translates to "bread by God", but that tradittion was forgotten a long time ago. It saddens me (agin, very, very slightly) that kids would rather inherit (poorly) a tradition from beyond the sea than perpetuate a nearly equal tradition deeply rooted in their own history and ancestry. Oh, well, what are you going to do about it... Kids there days...

Speaking of which... having several relatives who are teachers, I'm often confounded with some acts of not-so-brightness (to use a kinder expression) from their students. Now, you should know these are Junior Hgih and High School students only that we're talking about, but seeing how daft these kids can be sometimes, it scares me that someday I might find myself turning to them for medical attention or any other life-or-death sort of service. Immigration... now that's a word with a nice ring to it. Off to...
Do I have an error 1337 yet? No?
New Zealand, which formearly had motto quite similar to my own, is as far as you can get from here without the help of Oxygen-Hydrogen powered engines and a wicked strong heat-proof and air tight hull. For those kind folks Daylight Saving has just begun. Stay strong, it's only six months.
How about now?
Pax vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark wonders if he should start saving Nightlight Time. Ah, good ol' days when I had a nightlight... '94, you'll hardly be forgotten... in spite of all the ugly business therein.


Sintra said...

Ignore the issue. Who cares what time it is? I at least got one extra hour of sleep. Marvelous!

As for Halloween and other holidays... what can I say? I for one am not a person of traditions.
The only holidays I care for are the ones that get me away from work (studying is work God damn it, and unpayed for too!).
That might be a direct cause from the fact that I've traveled a lot and don't attach to things easily. When I was a kid, I looked forward to Christmas, but not anymore, since I don't want/need/get any presents.
I think traditions are good, but mainly the old ones, because there was always a teaching of some sort behind them. Nowadays everything is twisted to serve the lusty habits of people.

Kids today... I think they are mainly dumb. Not that they have inferior intelligence or whatever, but they are dumbed down by TV (at the very fucking least). Go out and break a leg or something, don't pass your youth sitting down looking at a screen (TV or PC).
They all act the same, watch the same things and have the same habits. And they think they're SMART and the BEST yet!
To be honest I have very little consideration for this kind of people.
Well, I suppose we were all a bit like them when we were younger, but I strongly remember passing all my quality time outside playing with friends a until I was 15 or 16, when I moved to a apartment in a city.

obnibolongo said...

In Soviet Russia, Daylight saves you!

There is a good reason behind it, but personally I don't care, and if there is a good reason *behind* it, both Daylight Saving Time and the reason are extremely gay.

I, as an esteemed reader, must say that at that time I've said it was 00h40; however, yesterday at 17h30 I commented to whoever wanted to listen it as 18h30, until they looked in awe at me and I added "by the old hour, of course". So the answer is: "During the week after the time change I always advance the time whenever I feel like it.", as usual, for the simple reason of re-re-(re)*-recreating a lousy joke.

About kids, well, I've never been a physical guy. Mainly because when I had the age, I didn't know anyone on my street (you might find this strange, but if now I'm not a very social person, when I was a kid I lived in my own bubble maintained by my parents). So I lost my time in front of the TV and later of the computer. This didn't give me any sense of superiority: the fault of all those stupid kids nowadays is... well... of the government? Of society? This could be discussed in another blog. ArabianShark, this is a tip for you to post again in disco-bar with that subject... ;)

ArabianShark said...

Why don't YOU post it? I have no more priveleges there than you do (yet I do just fine with the ones I do have).

obnibolongo said...

You've started the idea, I'm too lazy to be the one continuing it...