Naturally, that delightful idea of the Kandy Kanes represents a party, which, like any other party, does not stand unopposed. Therefore, it's only fair that Kandy Kanes have a counterpart, preferably a potential equal.

Then again, it's only candy! The only aspect a GDI oriented product would have to match is the aesthetical aspect.

Consider this, then. From my experience, the vast majority of the target market share happens to be of the male persuasion. And lo, the geek aspect probably discarded by making a GDI product may so very easily be offset (again) by the aesthetical side of

    * Tiberium Flavoured Kandy Kirces ! *

An easy recipe for (yet another) success. From the Kandy Kane template, replace the red stripes with gold stripes (not only because it's more attuned to the Original C&C colour scheme but also because blue stripes would conflict with the Blue Tiberium version), the Scorpion Tail icon by the Swooping Eagle icon and the likeness of Joe Kucan by the likeness of Jennifer Morrison. (Captain Kirce James, in Command & Conquer 3, if you're wondering... which you shouldn't be!)
You know you want it.
Naturally, the Blue Tiberium Flavoured Kandy Kirces would be an even greater aesthetical success. Gold and Blue are a perfect match. Deluxe candy with that sort of colour scheme is guaranteed to sell.
Subliminal message #2.
The greatest issue here is finding some small piece of GDI memorabilia to match the very cool NOD rings. So... Perhaps...
I'd still get some.
You know what, I'm fresh out of ideas here. Unless you can figure out a way of squeezing a Mammoth Tank into a small package of Kandy Kirces, I'm going to leave it up to the Marketing types to figure this one out.

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark wonders how these delicious candy products would actually fare in the real market. Would Westwood still be with us, I'd give a shot. Subliminal messaging works, right?.


Sintra said...

It's wierd that with all the new age so-called strategy games, blizzard's old and tired starcraft is still more successful.
9 years...
Maybe new, pretty and shiny graphics mean squat, and fanboy's devotion to "their" game mean something.
Then, maybe a well balanced game, simple, fun and easy to learn is all that is needed to be successful.
Fuck C&C3, bring on starcraft2!
(Praying for May, 19th)

ArabianShark said...

Google Fight reports Command & Conquer's popularity as more than 10 times that of StarCraft... Sorry, much as I like StarCraft, it's no match for Westwood's masterpiece and it's spawn.

Sintra said...

Ha! And you trust that?
Korea and beg to differ.
And all those best RTS game ever made awards from all the main game dedicated webpages?
You'll see when SC2 comes out.