Google Goodness

First of all, this is not an ad for Google or even a praise. Well, a tiny bit of a praise, in a way, I suppose... but that's it!

So I, like just about everyone else, have a Gmail account. Most of the time, the default spam filter does a pretty good job (and sometimes, it doesn't), sending nearly all of my spam to an aptly named spam folder. Mails in said folder are even automatically deleted after some time, just so I don't have to bother with that chore. Ripper! I still like to go there and delete them manually, at any rate. One of them, however, I've been saving up for this entry.

I didn't dare to open it, but the snippet (and thus I disclose what makes Gmail so good) is plentiful enough for material for this entry. It reads, and I quote, "hey darling arabianshark bad news buddy, you got a small dickie!(...)". The sender identifies herself as Chasity Subbert. Now I'd like to take a close look at the snippet, step by step. Join me, if you will.

      "hey darling..."

Don't call me darling.

      "... arabianshark..."

That's "Lord ArabianShark" to you.

      "... bad news buddy,... "

a) What on earth is a "bad news buddy"?
b) I'm not your buddy.

      "... you got a small dickie!"

a) No, I don't.
b) How would you know?
c) You, on the other hand...

So, on the whole, learn to punctuate, mind your manners, capitalise, think your words through and bugger off, "Chastiy Subbert". And get yourself some of your own remedy.

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark wishes you all a very merry All Hallows' Eve. And please don't come round my door in your most wierd costumes stammering for a "trick or treat". It's the wrong side of the Atlantic for that.


Sintra said...

Damn it, I was going to get me a portal gun, call Mr. Obni and sing Still Alive...

ArabianShark said...

Ah, that would have been a duet for the ages...

ArabianShark said...

And it would have been hard to overstate my satisfaction.