I've the right to rant

And rant I shall... briefly.

First and foremost, a recurring topic, spam. I am now the (not very) proud recipient of spam in Arabic. On the down side, I can't read it. On the plus side, I don't think I'd like to, really, seeing as it is spam. Comes with the territory (and an e-mail address startig with "Arabian"). Spam (not the meat product) is, however, on of the matters of greatest laughter in my life. Just days ago I recieved one claiming that the best way to "impress the ladies is with great c0ck". I wasn't aware ladies were esaily impressed with poultry. Is this why they are also sometimes refered to as "chicks"? I'd like an expert opinion, please? As if any were to be found around here...

Today on the telly, while zapping, I caught a bit of an interview with a sexologist reporting, from a book on nymphomania, of a tale of how a nine year old girl was taken by her mother to a gynecologist on suspicion that she masturbated. The gynecologist would have reported somthing along the lines of "as soon as I struck the clitoris, the legs opened and the body contorted with moans of pleasure". The girl was "treated" with excision. I switched channels. On the next channel, Michaela Conlin says "monster". See, telly is educational, after all.

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark would like to discurage minors from reading this partcular entry as it discusses adult themes and contains a deliberate and ineffective mispelling of a swear word. But, then again, if minors nowadays are anything like they were when I was a minor, this is hardly anything they haven't been exposed to yet, so knock yourselves out. Really, go on, knock yourselves out. At the very least, it'll amuse me.

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