So it's the 14th again, eh? Goodness, seems like only last week I was doing my first ever post about St. Valentine's day. Last year Valentine's day began much too early for clear thought and still not early enough, for I seem to recall being late for my admission for surgery. Then came a hipoglicemia induced migraine, because I was told to skip breakfast for blood test (and later told that I needn't have, for as long as I had mentioned that I had eaten and wasn't diabetic). Later on the full fright of being less than a day away from my first ever surgery hit me and I spent the evening trying not to lose it entirely. Much ado about barely anything, really, but how could I know? Still, that was the worst Valentine's day ever with every other being a close second. Do I sound bitter to you? I suppose I am a little bitter...

You know, I really have nothing against St. Valentines or gay couples - let me rephrase that - merry couples, regardless of sexual preference, enjoying the occasion. So do you think there would be enough loving going around that I could have a small share (I'm not greedy) for myself? No such luck... And, for once, I did try. Still no luck.
Pax (et Venus) vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark would like to notify all whom it may concern that the Bachelors Club will be meeting at 22:00 and the Lonely Hearts will gather later. Their schedulles are free today.

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