You guys remember the aging floppy disks, don't you? They used to come in five-and-a-quarer inches and later in three-and-a-half inches (and then they weren't quite as floppy) and carry less than 2MB of data. Of course nowadays most files I handle are nowhere as tiny as that, but, for some wierd reason, I still have a floppy drive.

Right, got a little side tracked there. I meant nothing of the sort. I meant I feel floppy. I started going to a new gym, because those sessions with a personal trainer weren't doing what I was looking for. I mean, in six months of that plus a diet I didn't drop one pound (perhaps that's because we use Euros over here, har har). Furthermore, our shcedulle wasn't very nice. Now flextime I like. I also like propperly equipped facilities. And a regular exercise plan, though I might deviate at any time. And you know what else I like, besides pool facilities? Paying just over half what I was paying before.

But, it's true, the workout is nothing like what I uas used to. For one thing it's much longer - why, it's twice as long, if I go through the entirity of the recommended plan - and it's much more intensive. Having just been there this morning, I'm floppy as a damp old sock. But it feels rather nice. Someone will be sleeping like a baby tonight - and sadly, I don't mean pressed against a pair of warm soft plump round loving breasts, but you can't have it all. Baby steps, though.

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark noticed the poll on how my readers' lives rate with the MPAA returned no results. One (a very malicious one, at that) would argue that my readers have no lives, but I'd rather think my readers defiantly reject the MPAA rating. Goodonya!

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