Not really... but damn near. In fact, it might be a bit soon to tell... In a few days, however, I'll know for sure, and report accordingly, rest assured. At least I'm glad to say it's become an unfamiliar sensation.

Now the last few days have been a turmoil of change. A lot of things have relinquished it's old status quo, so I'll take this wave of change and change my everyday watch. Sure, the Jager-LeCoultre Master Control I've been wearing is fine, but I've worn it for so long all its siblings are crying out for attention, and I've an inkling their tribe is about to grow. I know mine is.

So, firts things, fisrt, practical changes: the clunky not-quite-cellphone and not-quite-palmtop I've had for nearly three years has betrayed me and gone quite amok, devouring texts, dismissing calls or preventing me from placing them, and needs substitution. I'm going to miss the hardware qwerty keyboard on my cell, but I think I can cope. So out with Schroedinger's phone, in with the new.

Summer plans have changed too. So I won't be taking the trip I had in mind, and been looking forward too for over six months now, but don't fret; I have a feeling it's for the best. At least this change was brought about by the vile, everyday enabler and disabler of the best laid plans of mice and men: finance. Better that than falling apart with that mate of mine I'm dreadding to disapoint when I tell him the trip is off.

Most other changes aren't really done yet, but, rest assured, I'll write of them as soon as they're final. But for now

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark might be(come) heartbroken, but lonely will no longer apply in but a paltry few days time.

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