So, keeping with the spirit of change, here's another update on my changing life style.

I no longer live alone. I now share my studio flat with a gorgeous black, middle eastern female. She's been enjoying herself immensely, it seems, ever since she moved in, and has been keeping me busy, as she is very very playful and a bit needy, but that's alright, because she really brings out the best in me. Besides, she's the cutest little thing on four legs.

What, you thought it wasn't a cat I was tlaking about? No, of course you didn't, but it was a good effort, right? No? Well, sod off, then, I don't need your approval!

Onwards. I've ben looking for a persian cat for quite some time, and I had imagined a blue male, but Lady Luck had something else in mind, and that's fine, really, I mean, it's just details.

So after what must have been a bit of a stressful trip home, judging by the mewing my little roommate made, I set the carrier on the floor and opened the grate. I thought I shouldn't force her to come out, because she might be very scared and somewhat untrusting of her new surroundings, so I just let her come out in her own time, and when she did (very soon after) it immediately was the cutest thing that ever happened here. The fist few tentarive steps, and the looking around, still a bit scared. Luckily for her, I had already furnished the kitcher with all of her stuff, so it was all waiting for her. I scooped her up and took her to her little bed, and she nestled there for a moment, which I tok to fill her food and water bowl, then hand fed her some pellets of dry food. She lapped at them eagerly, and came out for more, then had a bit of water and immediately started purring. She must have spent most of her time purring since, hopping and running around the kitchen, exploring and playing with me.

I think she must be pretty tired, because I managed to leave her in the kitchen (I'm leaving her confined for her few first days, just in case) and she hasn't called out to me. Tomorrow we'll go to the vet, see what needs be done and what, if any, shots must be given now. She's only about two months old, so I suppose she'll have to have a shot in a month or so.

But you know what's funnier? I could sit in the kitchen, staring at her all I want and it still seems a bit surreal. It's not like I still can't believe there's a live cat there, and she's my cat, it's more like I haven't registred it yet in my brain. Well, we'll just have to see how this goes. It might all seem more clear after the fist night.

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark managed to gather some bile just waitning to be spewed over dinner, but his new cat has mellowed him out enough that it can wait until next time.


Sintra said...

She's not going to be so cute when she comes home knocked up, and starts a "joyous" little litter.

I have had 3 cats since I live in Portugal.
The first one was a big gray-white male cat, who died victim of some kind of assault. Probably hit by a car. Beautiful specimen. A true pity.
The other 2 were collected after being abandoned. We saved their lives :P
The first was found in a dumpster. Turned out to be a very savage and hungry little female. She takes the pill (hint).
The second was also found abandoned at our gates. His ears are missing their fur and it has never grown back. He was also filled with parasites. Now he's healthy and turning out to be a very beautiful cat. He's very nice and affectionate.

They make good company. But I don't think I could live with one in my house. They belong in the garden :D

This was all written with my left hand since I'm eating an apple.

ArabianShark said...

If I don't let her out, she's not going to come home at all, is she? Besides, I can have her spayed, even though I rather fancy the idea of breeding persians.

I thought your caligraphy was a bit off... now I know.