Red Alert!

Welcome, Comerades, to blog of ArabianShark. Our forces are even now siezing control of this beacon of communication for to bring it towards the Soviet dominion. Soon we will be... *fizz* *fizz* *garble* *crackle*


Alright, that would have been the sound of a rubber chicken, wielded by a knight in a full suit of armour, being knocked upside the head of a very silly Soviet General. His efforts might have succeded too, if the whole process wasn't so damn slow.

I mean, five bleeding hours just to download the installer? Granted, its over 740 MB, but, geez, EA, it's not like you couldn't have hosted it yourself, did you really have to outsource to FilePlanet to host them for you, you cheapskates? And, though by no means your fault, Firefox crashed on me once, squandering a couple of hours worth of download and lost connection to the file altogether at some point, throwing away even more hours of download. Then, by the time I had managed to download the installer and run the thing (pretty. Well done, lads!), it tells me it needs an update? Bloody hell, the installer file was updated yesterday, says so on your file host, FilePlanet. After more than eleven hours you'd think I could wait another 20+ minutes, but I don't bloody want to! Give me my rightfully purchased Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Beta NOW!

It's not done yet. It seems I need to type slower when I'm procrastinating or ranting to make a download seem to go by faster more efficientely, which might sound a bit contradictory, oddly enough.

Right, then, I'll bother my cat for the next 15+ minutes until you're done.

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark will play RA3 beefore the night is done, rest assured. Jealous? Don't be...

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