Back to the grind

So here we are, two and a half weeks into September and (hopefully) for the last time it's back to class. With a rather lax semester, I should have plenty of time to breathe easy, attempt to find out what everyone else means by "social life" and get through most of what will become my Masters Thesis.

(self indulging pause)

Doesn't that sound nice, "Masters Thesis"? it's one of those marvellous sounding two word phrases, right up there with "Charing Cross" and "Bondage Sex". And what about the status? It goes great with my new choice of barber and the way my goatee is finally comming along (nearly a year after I started growing it). Come get me, ladies, I'm single. I mean it. Come on...

This month is rife with excitement. There's the promise of my last year in college, the aforementioned Masters Thesis and two little games we've been drooling over for eons.

First and foremost, Spore, from video game designer God Will Wright. Now, this is something lots of gamers have been gagging for for about three years. I remeber Will Wright's first presentation, which I watched on Google Video, before Google realised it would be better to merge with YouTube rather than compete, from before the game was given it's current cartoonish look. This title has been taking a lot of heat beacuse of EA's nutty DRM policy, with content becomimg less important for review matters, so here's a review that actually focuses on the game aspect of the game*.

Another title released this month, though I am yet to get my hands on it, and for which I and plenty of my peers have been waiting for fro over a year is Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. I have, however, played the demo, and it absolutely rocks. For someone who, like myself, has played both KOTOR titles as a consular and very much enjoied tearing through hordes of enemies with Force powers alone, hurling service droids at stromtroopers or combining a lightsaber slash with a Force lightning explosion or even taking down TIE fighters with my bare hands used to be immensely satisfying, in a simple-mided cathartic way, up until the point when I found myself cleaving a whole AT-ST in half with nothing but my lightsaber and sheer awesomeness.

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

*ArabianShark would like to draw your attention to the fact that this review might not be entirely family freindly and should not be viewed by children. ArabianShark takes no responsability for any collateral effects of exposure to this content such as but not limited to increase of charisma, greater velocity of speech, cynicism or an urge to visit or move to Robina, Queensland.

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Adelino said...

The Spore review is A fuckin mazing :D