More pox on the supermarket people

I believe I've stated before some emasure of disliking towards the supermerket people. Today, I'll elaborate on the matter.

Before I go on, though, and just so you don't come to regard me as the ever-disgruntled type who leads some joyless life always scavenging for any morsel of contempt to whine about, I was going to make a joy-joy filled entry about culinary and entertainment up until about 8 o'clock this evening. and then...

I went shopping for a microwave today. My old microwave, which I've had since I first came to college, sprung a hole (yes, a charred, gaping hole) on its inner side wall, just next to the magnetron, and became unsafe to use. Sad and inconveninet, but, you know, these things happen. So I pick a new one from a miserably poor selection and ask if they deliver. I don't drive, as you might recall. I also still have two incepient discal hernias, as you might as well recall. And, of course, the supermarket peple deliver large appliances costing over €120,00. Right off the bat I wondered if some gargantuan appliance priced at €119,99 would be eligible for delivery. And, naturally, microwaves aren't eligible for delivery.

So, to spare you the specifics, I enlisted the help of a close friend and get on with it. Past the horrible, unkind and slow customer relations, turns out the microwaves on display were incorrectly labeled, and I ended up buying the wrong one. Naturally, I didn't find this out until I got home. So we lug the thing back to the supermarket and, after explaining two sales assistants what the matter was (in fact, after convinving them there was a matter in the first place... thickies) and the waiting (ye gods, the waiting! The unnecessary stress on my poor vertebrae! The soreness on my dear ol' feet! The pain!), we come to the conclusion that there are no such microwaves in stock and that I might buy the one on display... which I do.

So after much grappling with missing accessories, instruction manuals begone and filing a formal complaint (for once, I tired of swalling it over the lump of my throat), another very close mate of mine offered to drive me and my recentrly purchased oven home... where I could find out that it's missing the coupling between the electrical motor and the spinning plate, causing the spinning plate not to spin at all. A whole evening lost, both for me and that mate of mine who first volunteered to help, the pain, both for me and the mate who would later volunteer and who suffered in a (hopefully small, albeit quite painful, I believe) incident, for which I am to blame, though I meant for none of it, all in vain.

The pox on you, supermarket people!!!

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark would like to remind you that he still owes you that joy-joy entry about culinary and entertainment. Give it a day or two, untill this whole mess is settled.

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