About bloody time!

Finaly, an exam that didn't turn out to be a total cock up. The very first of the season. Hurray!

This could amount to something in the order of 13/20. That plus an absolutelly stellar haphazardly mess of cleverly disguised half-witted jumbled sentences to which I shal hereafter pomposly refer to as "a paper" should make the grade... hopefully... please?

Lately I've been reading those userfriendly.org comics like mad. They began in the previous millenium, so they have quite the archive. You really should check them out, especially if you're the type that likes computers and/or enjoys sitting in front of on reading blogs and... oh, right.

I wonder if they ever made a plush Dust Puppy. That would sell nicely. Heck, I'd buy. I'd just love to have my very own "little guy" with those big cute eyeballs and the little feet and no other limbs perched atop my screen, looking blankly at me as if silently asking "Why do you keep on writing this blog of yours even though nobody has cared to comment... yet?".

On a second thought, my purple 84% polyester, 16% polyureethane and lots of tyne polyesterilyne foam beads stretchy soft smooshie cushion will do just fine.

Cuddly farewells to you all.

ArabianShark retreats now to the deeper, cooler, darker waters to rest.

Trivia: Did you know that there are parts of the ocean so deep that hot water sprouting from geiser-like underwater spires at temperatures in excess of 400 ÂșC is actually in liquid form?

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