In your face, Calculus

Rejoice (I know I will)! It is done! Never again shall I worry about it! Calculus III is no more! I made the grade with a whole 5% to spare. To all who passed, well done, chaps. To all who are still waiting for results, good luck. For all the mates who haven't made it just yet, here's hoping you will soon. Except for this one rather nasty character... oh, ok, even for the rather nasty character.

Networking Fundaments exam today was not a pretty sight. I've been doubting for half the semester now if I would be able to make it, and now more than ever I'm convinced I won't. Oh well. On the upside the manegement-like course went alright. I might scrape a pass grade after all.

Here's hoping your exams (or whatever trials you might be being put through) go at least as well as mine.

Mellow farewells form your oh-so-... whatever. You know. ArabianShark. Me!

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