How's your belly where the pig bit ya?

My Cedco (who doesn't pay me to advertise) Calendar, which, I must say, rocks, says today is Australia Day. So there it is, happy national day for all of my Australian readers... and good day (or should I say "g'day"? I think it should be used strictly as a greting, not the way I meant it... but what do I know?) to all my other readers as well.

Fully sick (and by no means do I mean ill in any manner) goodbyes.

ArabianNoah's Ark invites you to figure out the meaning of this line.

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How's my Strine? Don't call 1-800-something-or-another, Comment!

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obnibolongo said...

You have an Aussie fixation or what?
P.S.: If you have let's hope it isn't an oral fixation like Shakira's ... :P

ArabianShark said...

No fixation... Stay tuned for updates on this matter.