Yay! Comments!

At last, I got a comment! I have a reason to blog on.

With respect to the contents of the comment: I have no fixation on Australia, although I understand why one would think that... Let me explain.

I've been called neurotic over this. The thing is, whenever I read, hear or see anything (and I mean naything at all), I usually read (and sometimes misread) too much (and more often than not, too little) into it. Double entendres abound with me. I may fail to see the obvious, but I'll be certain to find out some other undisclosed and often uninteded meaning to any message. On the upside, publicity never ceases to amuse me... except when I find myself making three trips to the mailbox because I can't carry all of it at once. Lately everything seems to boil down (no pun inteded) to Australia. It's the flavour of the month, I guess. Beats vanilla!

Right, then, now that's out of the way... I'll wrap up the post.

ArabianShark will be staying in Northern waters for a while. But you should, by all means, take a trip to the destination of your choice. I suggest Melbourne... er... in Derbyshire, not Victoria, that is!


Bill said...

What is the matter with the flavor of "Vanilla", anyway? Some people act like it is no flavor, or the lack of flavor. But vanilla is a great flavor. I love the taste, ean even more so, the smell of vanilla.

ArabianShark said...

Nothing wrong with it. In fact, the other meaining to vanilla, the way I see it, became that of "plain" because it appeals to so many people that you just can't go wrong with it, thus, it should make a good starting point for... pretty much everything. Personally, it's not my favourite, but I find it alright.