Placeholder for favourite (non-religious, please) interjection, it seems like ages since I've last been here. I can't help to feel some measure of clearvoyance was in place then, as I set the expiry date for the poll that accompanied my last post to a rather long time. At any rate, an update is much overdue. I'll keep the bricklaying down, so we don't end up with an all-mighty wall of text.

I just got a blender. You see, ever since I moved to the place I live now I haven't really done a lot of cooking (however, only as of late have I become proficient at cooking entire, conventional meals and more complex main courses, such as noodles and tuna casserole), so I have been able to do well enough without one, but now that's changed, I've been looking for the best milkshake recepie (and I don't mean "non-dairy gum based beverage", such as what you actually get under the misleading title of "shake" at nearly every fast food joint but Krusty Burger). So far, I can't figure out why this young lady would put so much ice on hers. It really doesn't seem to add to the shake, and I'd very much appreciate if someone could explain this to me. Is there some fundamental difference between "shake" and "smoothie" that I don't get?

No, actuall, this should be in the previous paragraph. Do adjust your set. Scroll down a line so it seems there is no change in paragraph. So far I've found out some ready-bought gelatin is an interesting addition. I'm yet to try with powdered geltatin. Could work well...

The hour has changed, the days are getting longer and even this rainy spell we've had for a few days seems to be at an end. The inexorable news approach. Warmth is coming. Flee! South, preferably. Someone said Australia?

I don't think I'll ever quite grasp why it is that some movies take four bloody months to come from the civilised world to this wretched land where fate accursed me with birth, whereas others take but weeks. You'd expect that, after months of longing, said movies would be well recieved, but no; instead, you get overgrown, overage children paying to shriek in disgust at the most revered elements of Pantomine, uttering poorly borrowed mannerisms at the least suited times. And they charge you to wittness this.

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark has just been able to resist the urge of impulse buying an Exotic Shorthair Pesian, cute and fluffy though it was. I want a standard, longhair Persian, me.

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