The leisure edition

As I've been told, it's much too hot to be outside engaging in any leisurely outdoor activities such as tennis or some uncivilised deeds such as street fighting, defeating cybernetically enhanced Kaleesh warlords (a cookie for the first ten to pick up on this reference) or football (regular football, that is, or, for those unfortunate enough to be born on the lands of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named-Unless-As-Bush, "soccer", a so-called sport where you're not suppesed to sock anyone or wear full kevlar body armour). Good thing my coat is ready now. It turned out really well. The satin lining is a shade more purple than it seemed on the sample swatch, but it's still fine, it just lends the whole thing a bit of bohemian glamour which the plain lead gray I had in mind wouldn't.

So hang your coat, and be entertained. I have some links for you. The first is Chronotron. For those of you who who enjoyed Portal, this will feel like something completelly different, because there are no portals, fancy physics or excellent voice acting in this little flash game. It's a puzzle game as well, though, where you interact with yourself. Give it a whirl, it might be fun. I liked it.

Children of the 80's shouldn't be children anymore these days, but I imagine they'd recall some of the tunes of those days, so how about reaching into the corners of your memories for the lyrics you haven't heard in fifteen years and put your knowledge of those golden times to the test with Lyric Master: 80's Edition. Check out the rst of the site for other fun filled games and quizzes alike. Mind your children, not all of it is appropriate for all ages.

Keep cool, cats.

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark has come down with another shift in his sleep cycle, just like last February. A patter emerges...

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