So Fate spat in the face of my kind offer... Onwards, then.

Not long ago I posted about entering Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Beta program. Well, my Beta priviledges have been revoked (as have everyone else's, rest assured) almost a month ago, to make room for my pre-order priviledges, which I waived, seeing as the pre-order bonuses, juicy though they may seem, were wasted on me.

However, I have recentely taken to scouring the Red Alert 3 site. Most of everything I've been reading there has come to be redundant, but I still managed to find this, which I recommend, for a laugh.

So right now you've either gone straight for the link, without so much as a modicum of restraint or overlooked it with more than a modicum of suspicion or, as a compromise, opened it in a new tab, in which case, assuming you have a decent web connection, you should be listening to something right about now. So, to soothe your fears, it's just an embedded music video and God god won't punish your immortal soul in Hell, because he likely doesn't exist.

The music part is less than great (does it seem to you that the glorious days of "Fight, Win, Prevail!" are behind us? Me too...), it might even strike you as a overly self-indulgent or shamelessly self promoting (funny, it does to me too, and I'm a fan of the series), but the clip features some rewarding eye candy (it won't rot your teeth or make you fat. Best kind of candy ever) and, for the Sci-Fi and/or retro-gaming buffs, George Takei has a funny little morsel for you.

Not for you, Fate! Off! Off! Bad bitch!

Pax vobiscum atque vale.

ArabianShark is well aware that the Imperial Defenders' ability to slink into a "spider hole" is blatantly ripped off most of Starcraft's Zerg units, as they have been able to burrow for bloody ages now. Don't rub it in.


Sintra said...

Here's some rubbing in that needs to be done:


I just hope sc2 isn't extremely heavy =(

ArabianShark said...

That doesn't really rub... it kind of bounces off.

So SC is pretty good, I like it myself, but I wouldn't call it "best ever".

Sintra said...

Well, you just might be right.
SC2 is probably going to be better then SC.

ArabianShark said...

... if it ever comes to be at all!